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DSPAM with VExim and folder-based training using Courier IMAP

Spam is getting worse, so I’m trying out DSPAM. I’ve added it into my vexim set-up and although it’s early days, things are looking promising.

I run various accounts with IMAP/POP3. For the POP3 users, there are training aliases to forward incorrectly-classified mail to. For IMAP users, it would be much more convenient to have DSPAM learn from a folder instead – drag and drop is easier than click, click, type, click.

I found a bash script which does nearly the right thing (using Postfix). Here’s the tweaked version for VExim/Courier.
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More on boilerplate and IoC

Java has lately been seriously annoying me in this regard. Why do I have to write getters/setters for beans? Why can’t we just have a property keyword instead that does it automatically? Why does everyone insist on using getters/setters in the first place rather than public fields anyway? What’s the point? Ah, yes, we need to be able to proxy the methods through cglib for Hibernate, or via Spring’s IoC/AOP stuff, so we can write “better” code with fewer dependencies.
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