2 thoughts on “Snow”

  1. Hi Al,

    Nice picture! So it snowed again after I left London on Thursday. The snowman at jWeekend was almost gone then.
    BTW: really liked your talk about Abstractions last week! Started me thinking about some of the abstractions we have in our project. Will you upload the slides on the Google Code site?

    - Daan

  2. Hej Daan!
    Yes, our local snowman’s best days were behind him even by the time you met him. Did you enjoy the Wicket meeting in Amsterdam last week?
    We’ve got 59 guest registered so far ( http://jweekend.com/dev/LWUGReg/ ). Should be around 70 by Wednesday.
    How hard can it be to make a table component?!
    See you there.

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