Wicket User Groups Go Global

Wicket is looking particularly exciting at the moment. Why? Is it because Wicket 1.3 is nearly ready to take its first steps into the world? Or is it because Wicket in Action will be out soon? Nope. What’s really exciting is the way the community is taking off.

Becoming an Apache project, with all the benefits that brings, has not gone unnoticed by the wider Java development community. Particularly within the enterprise, the Apache brand (and ASF license) seems to bring with it a promise of professionalism and confidence. A bunch of banks and corporates now list it on their job advertisements, including the likes of Nokia and Time Warner. Despite the explosion in attention, the signal-to-noise ratio on the mailing lists remains impressively high. People are being really helpful both there and also with bug reports and patches, so a big thank you from all us Wicket developers to all you folk out there in the community who are making this growth in interest both workable and sustainable.

Talking of explosions, there has been a staggering level of interest in community meet-ups. When Cemal and I founded the London Wicket User Group a few months back (next meeting Dec 5th) we both hoped the concept would take off elsewhere, so we’re happy to see the vast number of other groups forming across the globe, in a quite astonishing number of places: Antwerp, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, London, Minneapolis, Rio de Janeiro, Seattle, San Francisco, Stockholm, and also somewhere TBC in Austria. I’m surprised there’s not one in New York City yet. Come on guys!;-)

The Amsterdam meet-up on November the 30th is looking particularly awesome (80 people registered interest, which will probably equate to 50+ people). The level of Wicket expertise gathered in one room will be unprecedented – get yourself along if you possibly can.

For more information, check out the wiki page: Apache Wicket community meet-ups.

Go Wicket!

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