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People seem to have problems getting started with Wicket using the Maven 2 archetype quickstart. In an effort to make this as obvious as possible, I’ve created a screencast showing you how to do it, explaining each step in detail along the way. It’s done from a pretty-much virgin installation, so there are no bits of magic here.

Download a DivX 5 AVI here.

Wicket 1.3.0 is now out, so you should use that in the versions instead of 1.3.0-beta3 in all those commands. The Wicket web site is the canonical source, as ever.

13 thoughts on “Wicket Quickstart”

  1. Cool screencast, thanks!

    Tough it would be even cooler, if it had some kind of pause/play and forward/rewind controls :)

    Or quicktime download link.

  2. Brilliant! Thanks Alastair, I had been banging my head against a brick wall before I noticed the quickstart README had the wrong archetypeVersion in it (-DarchetypeVersion=1.3.0-SNAPSHOT) and your screencast highlighted that!

    It also very simply showed the simple link between Maven and Eclipse.


  3. Good job! The best part of this screencast is the detailed explanation of each maven commands used to generate your project.

    My machine is using WindowsXp and im more of a rightClick kind of person.
    Another way to add a path variable for M2_REPO is 1) rightClick your project
    2) select BuildPath >>> Link Source
    3) in the Link Source popUp window press the “Variables” button
    4) another popUp window would appear(Selcet Path Variable) press “New”
    5) Enter “M2_REPO” for the name field then press the folder button to browse for the location ^^

  4. When I run “mvn eclipse:eclipse -DdownloadSources” NOTHING happens. Nothing downloads and the “.m2″ directory is not created.

    Any ideas??

  5. Ok, figured it out. First of all, the 1.3.1 version didn’t seem to want to work. The 1.3.0 version downloaded fine.

    The “.m2″ directory was my stupidity. It was hidden and “show hidden files” fixed that.


    Thanks for the great screencast. It helped a lot.

  6. What happened to the presentation? I used to be able to view it; now I cannot. When I click on the .AVI and view it in Windows Media Viewer I get the sound, but no picture.

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