Upcoming jWeekend Wicket training courses

Cemal and I have been working hard refining jWeekend’s upcoming Getting Started With Apache Wicket 1.3 and Apache Wicket 1.3 courses. They’re scheduled for September 22nd and September 29th-30th respectively.

They’re an excellent way to get up to speed with Wicket and develop an in-depth understanding of Models, Behaviors, the AJAX functionality, advanced validation, etc., etc. As such, they will be useful to you whether you’re a beginner or a fairly seasoned Wicket programmer, so I’d encourage you to visit the jWeekend site for more information and to see just what you’ll be getting. We’ll be using the latest 1.3.0-beta3, so you’ll be brought bang up-to-date and ready to develop against the imminent 1.3.0 final release.

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